She stood on the station platform,
Bouncing on the balls of her feet.
He switched channels flippantly.

Her hair flew across her face.
He had the sudden urge to buy a blender;
Only three small payments of $19.99.

Behind the yellow line, just as she was told.
Bright colours flashed on the screen,
Filling the darkness of the room.

She could hear the train, but couldn’t see it.
A chill ran up his spine.
He left the room to get a jumper.

The train was fast approaching;
She stretched out her neck.
He hummed a jingle as he reentered the room.

A man stepped in front of her, blocking her view
And stepping a foot over the line…then his second.
He finally stopped on the 7 o’clock news

“Jenny, get back here.”
He fluffed the pillow behind his back.
“Why do I watch this shit?”

“Hey, Mister! You’re not supposed to cross the line.”
Another mass shooting in America,
A new cub at the zoo had been born.

She reached out to him before the train…
He stared blankly at the television.
“Young girl dead trying to stop man from committing suicide.”

Raelee Lancaster