List of published poems


Haunted HouseFire Front: First Nations poetry and power today – edited by Alison Whittaker (print, UQP)

A portrait of myself as an artistCordite Poetry Review #96: No Theme IX (online)


The inside of an empty space and A tardigrade explores spaceThe Lifted Brow #44 Digital Intimacies (print)

how we’ll reinstate the matriarchyGoing Down Swinging 40th Edition (print)

Triple – Cordite Poetry Review #93: Peach (online)

Apology to who?Peril (online)

awabaDjed Press: The Moment series (online)

paper craneCordite Poetry Review #89: Domestic (online)

Always tomorrow and April Concrescence (online)


haunted houseOverland 231 Winter 2018

soundtrack to haunted writersGoing Down Swinging (online)

Father’s Day 2018Scum Mag (online)

secret handshake – Australian Poetry and Cordite (online)

Dammit, Jim, I don’t know what I amScum Mag (online)

Wha’d I tell ya? – Time: an anthology of microlit (print)


six degrees of separation – Voiceworks #110 (print)

Journey back to language and Words unspoken – Westerly: Flux (online)

i grew up – Rabbit Poetry Journal #21: The Indigenous Issue (print)