What I’m doing now

A person reading at a microphone.

I’m a Brisbane-based writer (3 years experience), collaborator (1 year experience) and creative producer (2 years experience). I am also a library and information services (LIS) student and work in an academic library (1.5 years).

My mission in life is to develop projects and curate programs within arts and community spaces (including libraries and galleries) to promote empathylistening, and laughter.

My main priorities are:

  • Working full time in library services.
  • Studying a Master of Information Management part time.
  • Nuturing close, longlasting relationships.
  • Completing a limited number of writing assignments.

All of my time and energy will go into these areas. I am willing to take on more work so long as it does not interfere with these priorities. This includes—but is not limited to—attending and guest speaking at festivals, conferences and events, as well as paid writing commissions.

This statement was last updated March 15, 2021. This statement will be revised by June 14, 2021.

This page is a public declaration and a reminder to myself. It was inspired by Thomas Frank and Derek Sivers.

Photograph by Phoebe le Brocque.